Nov 05

10 Time Change Tips

Use the up coming time change as a reminder to do these important things…

  1. Change the batteries in all your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Then test them to be sure they work. (Replace smoke alarms every ten years. Replace carbon monoxide alarms every five years.)
  2. Review (or prepare) a family disaster kits for your home & vehicle.
  3. Put fresh batteries in your family disaster kit for your flashlights, radios, and any other battery operated supplies.
  4. Replace food & water with fresh supplies.
  5. Replace any medications with fresh supplies.
  6. Review and update all important paperwork, such as insurance policies, medical records, emergency contacts, and other records.
  7. Make sure to also update the above information with your child’s school & childcare provider.
  8. Practice your disaster drill with your family.
  9. The time change is also a good time to change the batteries throughout your home, including those in your clocks, controls with timers & backup timers (thermostats, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting timers, etc), phone accessories, flashlights, and other portable electronics.
  10. Check outside for hazardous materials and conditions. Remove, or have professionally removed when necessary.

5 Additional Time Change tips

  1. Set a reminder for yourself to ensure that you will remember to reset clocks before going to bed Sunday night.
  2. If you own a car reset the clock on your last trip of the day on Sunday, this way Monday morning it matches all of your other clocks and can’t cause any confusion.
  3. Many mobile phones will update changes automatically, some while on and others that reset time when started up after time change. Be sure to check your mobile phone for time settings details.
  4. Remember your wristwatch
  5. Begin Winding down for bed a little early Sunday night to allow your body to adjust to the time change gently, and to be really good to yourself continue earlier bedtimes for a week or so.