How to Survive a Cholla Cactus Attack

Feb 21

How to Survive a Cholla Cactus Attack

Getting attacked by this blood thirsty cactus was NO JOKE!

Click image for How to Remove Cholla Cactus video.

It took several attempts with pliers, sticks, and rocks, and was only removed from my arm after great effort and 2 hair combs.

Pliers or tweezers are great once the cholla bomb is removed, but when you have several spines embedded in your body, the comb is the better choice for removal.

This is my arm immediately after the attack:

This is my arm 2 hours later:

This is my arm 3 days later!

This is a fellow hiker who got a cholla grenade on her HEAD!

And this is a removal technique that did NOT work:

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