2020 Wilderness First Aid Schedule Now Available

Dec 04

2020 Wilderness First Aid Schedule Now Available

AmeriMed CPR Training’s 2020 Wilderness First Aid schedule is now available.

This training is comparable to the NOLS courses offered through R.E.I. at a fraction of the cost.

These courses are American Camp Association Accredited for camp leaders and scouts.

This course is taught over 2 days using a hands-on, scenario-based course format that is fun and information packed.

Even local, in-town hikes can put you out of immediate access to rescue personnel. Helicopter rescues are common on Cowles Mountain. Helicopter rescues are also costly!

This course, you will teach you what to do when help is more than a few minutes away, and how to evacuate victims to accessible areas.

Sign up now and be adventure ready all year long!

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