HeartCode BLS Online

American Heart Association® HeartCode BLS

This program blends online learning with hands-on skills practice & assessment.

The online course is completed at your pace, after which, you attend an in-person skills session.

Course fees:

HeartCode BLS online course access key: $30.00

HeartCode BLS in-person skills session: $50.00

Ordering the Online Access Code

You may call 619-469-7109 to order your online course access code.
You may also order your own access code by following this link: HeartCode BLS online

Registering for your BLS Hands-on Skills Session

To register for your skills session, you may register for any of our BLS for Healthcare Provider courses.
You will only participate in the skills portion of the BLS for Healthcare Providers course.
        Be sure to use the discount code BLSskills.

You must bring your online course completion certificate to class.