Dec 17

High School Student Saves 4-Year-Old

High School Student Saves 4-Year-Old AUSTIN (KXAN) — When Sophia Adan learned CPR as part of a criminal justice program at her high school, she never thought she would use it. Little did she know that just days after the training, she would save a life. "I never thought it

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Nov 06

Deadly Sexism or Just Being Careful?

Deadly Sexism or Just Being Careful? In a new survey (Poster Presentation 198) Colorado researchers asked 54 people online to explain why women might be less likely to get CPR when they collapse in public. In the replies, the team identified four themes: Potentially inappropriate touching or exposure; Fear of

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Oct 08

AmeriMed Supports Team Rubicon!

Please consider joining with AmeriMed CPR Training in supporting Team Rubicon by donating. In addition to the monthly financial support we send to Team Rubicon, our instructor, Taylor Gallagher, is currently in North Carolina volunteering his skills in the Hurricane Florence disaster relief efforts. Below is a photo of him

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Oct 01

Surviving a Shark Attack

Saturday’s (9/28/18) shark attack on a 13 year-old boy in Encinitas has a lot of people thinking, “What if I were in that position?” Werner Kurn, President and CEO of Ocean Enterprises, visited the studio on Sunday to talk about what to do in the event of a shark sighting or

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Sep 27

$5.00 off Dog & Cat CPR Oct. 17

Reserve your seat in our next Pet CPR class on October 17 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm and save $5.00 off the $40.00 course fee when you use discount code post927. Seating is limited, so reserve now!
Sep 20

Hands-Only CPR videos!

Share this video with those you know. The life they save could be yours! This video is for information only and does not qualify for a certificate of course completion. The video is available in several languages to help reach people around the world: Spanish Portuguese Polish German Italian Mandarin

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