Discount Codes

You may use any ONE of the following discount codes that apply to you.

You will be required to show proof of any discount you use, when applicable.

YMCA VOUCHERS discount codes (must already have the vouchers)

YMCA Training Grant Application

Tengo los vouchers de la YMCA

Solicitar los vouchers de la YMCA

CPR & FIRST AID discount codes:

Use the discount code CPRfirstaid ONLY if you are registering for the CPR class on one date and the First Aid class on a different date IN THE SAME SINGLE TRANSACTION.

NOTE: This discount code is NOT RETROACTIVE.
DO NOT use this code if you enroll in the CPR and First Aid Combo course offered on a single day.
When you enroll in the CPR & First Aid combo course (one 8-hour course), the discount is already calculated.
If you are enrolling more than one person in the two 4-hour courses in the same registration, add the number of students at the end of the discount code
(i.e. 2 people = cprfirstaid2; 3 people = cprfirstaid3; etc.).

MILITARY discount codes for active duty and veterans (must show ID in class): usmilitary

HARMONIUM STAFF discount codes (does not apply to Klassic Kids staff needing EMSA certificates): afterschoolstaff

RESCHEDULING FEE discount codes (the rescheduling fee applies to EACH class date missed):

  • If you are rescheduling only a CPR class date, use discount code: RESKFEECPR20
  • If you are rescheduling only a First Aid date, use discount code: RESKFEEFA20
  • If you are rescheduling the Basic CPR and First Aid combo course, use discount code: RESKFEE20
  • If you are rescheduling Preventive Health Practices only, use discount code: RESKFEE20

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