Mar 05

ID Stickers on Child Car Seats Save Lives!

Use a car seat identification sticker to save valuable time for emergency response personnel.

TIKE (Toddler Info Kept for Emergencies) Stickers

The TIKE (Toddler Info Kept for Emergencies) project provides child safety stickers to be placed on the bottom or back of a child safety/booster seat to help emergency personnel identify your child if an accident disables the adults in the vehicle. The stickers are provided by the Ohio Council of the National Association of Insurance Women International (NAIW) and the Ohio insurance Institute (OII).

About TIKE Stickers:

The basis of the program is a story about an injured baby that appears on the back of each sticker: “In 1995, a six-month old boy was involved in a head-on traffic collision while riding with a relative.  The driver was left unconscious and the boy suffered a life-threatening head injury that required immediate surgery.  Police did not know the child’s identity and were only able to trace his parents because an address book was located in the wreckage.  Valuable time was lost due to this delay.  The boy was airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency brain surgery.  He has since fully recovered.  This sticker is to be placed on the bottom of your child’s car seat to assist emergency personnel in identifying your child should an accident occur which disables the adults in your vehicle.”

To date, the OII has distributed over 350,000 stickers. They’ve been made available to individuals and safety groups, medical practitioners, childcare operators, fire stations, local police and EMS divisions, hospital groups and others sharing in the common interest of child safety.  Several other local affiliates of the NAIW from around the country are also looking into this project.

TIKE Child Safety Stickers are FREE.

To order the FREE stickers, e-mail OII at with your mailing address and sticker quantity. (English and Spanish versions available). The sticker provides emergency and medical contact information that can be helpful no matter where you live.

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