Lead Poisoning Prevention

As of July 1, 2020, the 8-hour Preventive Health Practices training required for child care licensing must now include a component on Lead Poisoning Prevention.

This mandate applies to:

  1. All applicants applying for small family day care license or large license.
  2. All applicants applying for a child care center license.
  3. Current licensees who make any changes to their license.

Applicants & providers who took the Preventive Health Practices course prior to July 1, 2020 must still complete the additional Lead Poisoning Prevention component.

If your Preventive Health Practices certificate does not state that your course included the Lead Poisoning Prevention, you will need to take that component as a standalone class, or repeat a Preventive Health Practices training that includes the Lead Poisoning Prevention component.

AmeriMed is offering the Lead Poisoning Prevention component as a standalone course via Zoom for those who need only that component. We still also offer the full 8-hour Preventive Health Practices course and the 8-hour CPR-AED & First Aid course.

This session is approximately 45 minutes long.

COURSE FEE: $30.00

  • You will receive your certificate of completion via email immediately after class.


Click here for course schedule:

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