Mar 09

What Happens if I Try a Fad Diet?

From Glamour Magazine November 2009

Although calorie-restrictive diets and cleanses are popular weight-loss plans, the massive restriction in calories causes your metabolic rate to plummet, forcing your body to (1) cling desperately to its fat stores, and (2) to start burning your lean muscle tissue for fuel. These two consequences will ultimately INCREASE your body fat percentage. Additionally, the omega-3 fat cells in your brain fall off, which can make you prone to depression.

The healthiest most effective way to lose weight is to eat several small, well-balanced meals every 2-3 hours each day and not let your body go into starvation mode, and never EVER eat less than 1200 calories a day!

Healthy body fat percentages are controllable risk factors the can help reduce your risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest.