What If I Do Not Pass My Class?

Many factors contribute to a student’s ability to pass their course.

We understand that fatigue, language barriers, stress, anxiety, and differing learning styles can all have influence on the outcome of any training.

If you did not pass your course, you may retake the class one time at no charge.

Scheduling your free retake must be handled via phone during our regular business hours.

Because seating in classes is limited, if you miss your free retake course for any reason, you may not register for another course at no charge. The full course fee will apply if you want to preregister for another class.

However, you may retake the course for free if you walk in to a class that has an open seat. But, if that class is already full, we cannot accept you.

You may contact us via phone during our regular business hours for updates on classes with open seats.

If you would like this policy explained further, please contact us during our regular business hours of Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

Email: info@AmeriMedCPR.com

Phone: 619-469-7109

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