CPR-AED only (EMSA or OSHA certificate)

These CPR-AED & First Aid courses are open to anyone wishing to learn emergency response skills.

These courses are EMSA Approved for childcare providers and school bus drivers.
These courses are OSHA Compliant and fulfill most employment requirements for general workplace safety training.
Courses include training for adult, child, and infant (pediatric) certification.
These courses are American Camp Association Accredited for camp leaders, camp staff, Boy Scouts, & Girl Scouts.
The courses listed below are NOT for Healthcare staff or students. HJealthcare (and dental care) staff and students should enroll in our BLS for Providers course.
The courses listed below do NOT include an American Heart Association certificate. Lay rescuers who need American Hear Association certificates should enroll in our American Heart Association Heartsaver course.
Do you need help choosing a class?

If you are unsure if this is the correct course, please verify with your employer / school before enrolling. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to enroll in the correct course. We are not responsible if you enroll in the wrong course.

CPR-AED & First Aid combo: $60.00
CPR-AED only: $40.00
First Aid only: $35.00 
Preventive Health Practices & Nutrition: $60.00

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