Help Choosing A Class

This page will assist you in choosing a class based on your occupation / reason for needing the training.

Click here for help choosing a class based on the type of certificate you need.

The following information is meant to assist you in determining which class most likely meets your needs.

  • Please note that it is YOUR responsibility to enroll in the correct class.
  • If you are unsure which certification will meet your needs, please contact your employer, school, or the organization requiring you to become certified to clarify your certification requirements.
  • AmeriMed CPR Training is NOT RESPONSIBLE if you enroll in the wrong class.

There are 2 levels of CPR training.

  1. CPR for healthcare providers (listed as BLS for Providers).
  2. CPR-AED & First Aid for lay rescuers (non-healthcare providers).

There are 3 types of certificates.

  1. OSHA compliant certification for general workplace safety.
  2. EMSA approved certification for child care providers & school bus drivers.
  3. American Heart Association certification for healthcare providers and lay rescuers.

Click on the link below that best describes your reason for taking this course

Personal knowledge

Family child care, preschool staff & YMCA staff

After school program staff

Preventive Health Practices with Nutrition

School Bus Driver

Elementary, Middle, or High School employment

Healthcare provider

Dental care provider

I want to become a CPR Instructor

Medical student

Dental student

Fitness professional

Non-medical transportation

Residential care or home health aid

Pet CPR & First Aid

Construction or manufacturing employment


Foster care & adoption


High School Graduation

Boy / Girl Scout

Other non-medical professional

Wilderness First Aid

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