BLS CPR Instructor


American Heart Association® BLS CPR Instructor Course


As a BLS Instructor, you will be certified to teach the following courses:

BLS for Providers®
Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED
Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid CPR AED

Teaching life-saving skills is not only rewarding, but becoming a CPR instructor is also great for:

  • Building your resume while supplementing your income
  • Medical students – certify your fellow students
  • Healthcare Providers – certify your co-workers
  • Childcare Providers – certify your parents & colleagues

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Saturday, August 26, 9am-4pm, La Mesa

Friday, September 22, 9am-4pm, La Mesa

Sunday, October 29, 9am-4pm, La Mesa


  • $300.00


  • BLS Instructor Essentials online course access code
  • BLS Instructor Manual eBook
  • 8-hours of classroom instruction
  • BLS Instructor Candidate Workbook pdf files
  • 2-year Instructor Certification (BLS Instructors may teach all Heartsaver level CPR and First Aid courses)

Cancellation & rescheduling policies.


  • Candidate must be at least 16 years old
  • Candidate must possess a current American Heart Association® BLS Provider certificate. No other certifications qualify!
  • The BLS Instructor Course does not teach BLS Provider skills. BLS Instructor Candidates must be knowledgeable of BLS curriculum, and have strong BLS skills. Please study all the BLS algorithms, as well as the adult & infant BLS skills sheets on pages 80-84 of your BLS Provider book prior to class.
  • Candidate must complete the (1.5 – 2 hours) online BLS Instructor Essentials Course
  • Candidate must attend the 8-hour in-person classroom course.
  • Candidate must be monitored teaching their first full course within 6 months of attending the classroom course. There is a monitoring fee.
  • Complete a BLS Instructor Candidate Application
  • Complete and sign a Liability Waiver

IMPORTANT NOTE: Instructors must align with an AHA Training Center in order to have their students’ certification cards processed. You may choose to align with any AHA Training Center that will accept you. Students enrolled in our Instructor Course are automatically accepted by our AHA Training Center. If you have already chosen to align with a different AHA Training Center, you will need to bring to class the BLS Instructor Candidate Application signed by that AHA Training Center Coordinator in order for us to send them your AHA Notice of Course Completion form.

If all the above is Greek to you, hang tight. We will be covering everything about the AHA organization in class.


  • American Heart Association® Program Administration (PROAD) and Organization
  • Registering on the AHA Instructor Network
  • Navigating the AHA Instructor Network
  • Being an effective instructor
  • Planning to teach the course
  • Acquiring equipment and course materials
  • Classroom setup
  • Conducting a course
  • Course administration
  • Getting your student completion cards
  • Using feedback as a tool for improvement

BLS Instructor Resources

BLS Instructor Course Agenda

BLS Instructor Essentials Online Course Resources

BLS Instructor Course Pre-class Checklist

BLS Instructor Candidate Application

BLS Instructor Candidate Workbook

AHA Program Organization and Administration (PROAD)

BLS Instructor Monitoring Fees – New Instructor

AHA Book Policy Memo

How to RENEW Your Instructor Certification


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