Instructor Resources


You will find course resources and the answers to most of your questions in one of the following resources:

  1. Your AHA Instructor manual
  2. Your BLS Instructor Essentials online course (you can review this at anytime)
  3. The AHA Instructor Network (login in to your account)
  4. The AHA Program Administration Manual (PAM) (7th edition)
  5. The AHA Instructor Candidate Workbook
  6. This web page

BLS Instructor Essentials Online Course Resources

BLS Instructor Course Pre-class Checklist

BLS Instructor Candidate Application (to align with Allied 100)

BLS Instructor Candidate Workbook

AHA Program Organization and Administration (PROAD)

Requesting to Transfer Alignment to Allied 100 Training Center

BLS Instructor Monitoring Fees

Assessing Instructor Competency

Instructor Monitoring Tool

AHA Book Policy Memo

AHA Instructor Renewal Checklist

Instructor Renewal Options

New AHA Manikin Feedback Device Requirements for January 2019

AHA Training Site 2019 Information

BLS PROVIDER course resources

BLS Provider DVD Set

BLS Sample Course Agenda

BLS Provider Course Lesson Plans

BLS Renewal Course Agenda with Lesson Plans

HeartCode BLS Course Agenda

Accelerated HeartCode BLS Course Agend with Lesson Maps

BLS Course Equipment List

BLS Course Roster

BLS for Healthcare Providers 2015 ADULT Skills Sheets

BLS for Healthcare Providers 2015 INFANT Skills Sheets

Positions for 6-Person High-Performing Teams

AHA BLS Course Evaluation

AHA BLS Course Evaluation Summary

BLS for Providers Algorithms

How to Buy and Issue Student eCards

AHA Step by Step: Assigning eCards to Your Students

AHA Memo on eCards

HEARTSAVER course resources

Heartsaver First Aid & CPR-AED DVD Set

Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Sample Course Agenda

Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED K-12 course agenda

Heartsaver Adult CPR Lesson Plans

Heartsaver CPR AED Course Equipment List

Heartsaver First Aid Course Equipment List

Heartsaver Course Rosters (all Heartsaver level course rosters)

2015 Heartsaver ADULT CPR Skills Sheets

2015 Heartsaver CHILD CPR Skills Sheets

2015 Heartsaver INFANT CPR Skills Sheets

2015 Heartsaver FIRST AID Skills Sheets

2015 Heartsaver PEDIATRIC FIRST AID Skills Testing Sheets

AHA Heartsaver Course Evaluation

AHA Heartsaver Course Evaluation Summary

How to Buy and Issue Student eCards

AHA Step by Step: Assigning eCards to Your Students

AHA Memo on eCards


Instructor Supply Rental Form

AHA Program Administration Manual PAM (7th edition)

Link to AHA Instructor Network Login Page

Instructor/TCF Activity Notice to Primary TC

Instructor Course Completion Notice to Primary TC

Requesting Alignment with Allied 100, LLC Training Center

Allied 100 Training Center Instructor Contract

Allied 100 Training Center Resolution Agreement

AHA Instructor Renewal Checklist

Search for an AHA Training Center by Zip Code

Instructor Records Transfer Request

American Red Cross Instructor reciprocity options

American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) reciprocity options

Admin pages

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