The YMCA Childcare Resource & Referral Service (CRS) receives yearly funding to assist child care providers with the cost of the required Health and Safety Training courses as required by AB243.

The link to the application with program details is below.

AmeriMed CPR Training accepts the YMCA vouchers.

Eligible participants will receive vouchers that they will submit to approved training providers in lieu of full payment for training in CPR, First Aid and Preventive Health Practices.

There is a small co-pay required for each class. You will see the co-pays for each class below.

You may apply for the vouchers even if you have already taken your class.

Once your receive your vouchers (if you took your class with AmeriMed CPR Training), follow these easy steps to receive your refund, or call us at 619-469-7109.

Note: your class must have taken place during the current grant program.

The required co-payments for students with vouchers are:

$5.00 for CPR

$5.00 for First Aid

$10.00 for Preventive Health Practices

YMCA Training Grant Application

How to enroll if you already have the vouchers

How to get a refund when I get the vouchers

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