AmeriMed CPR Training does NOT provide translator services.

AmeriMed CPR Training offers the following courses in Arabic and Spanish:

  • Basic CPR with AED (adult, child and infant) (RCP)
  • Basic & Pediatric First Aid (Primeros Auxilios)
  • Preventive Health Practices with Nutrition (Prácticas Preventativas con Nutrición)

You may request to bring a translator under the following conditions only – NO EXCEPTIONS:

  1. We do not offer the class in your language.
  2. You must request IN ADVANCE to bring a translator. If you bring a translator to class without prior permission, you will not be allowed in class and the rescheduling fee will apply.
  3. We allow only one translator per class. Multiple translators disrupt the course for the other students.
  4. Translators may translate for only one student per class date. Translating for multiple people disrupts the course for the other students. Translators may not translate for more than one person in a class. If more than one person needs a translator, you must attend separate class dates.
  5. Translators MUST TRANSLATE during class. If the instructor does not observe the translator translating for the student, the student will not be issued a certificate.
  6. We do NOT allow translators in CPR and/or First Aid classes on Saturdays or Sundays. These classes fill so seating is not available for a translator.
  7. Once a class has filled, you will NOT be allowed to request a translator after the fact.
  8. Your online enrollment must note that you are requesting permission to bring a translator. If there is already a translator coming to that class, you will be notified of the need to reschedule to a class date that does not already have a translator scheduled.
  9. Students with translators must pass the same written and skills exams to pass their course. The instructor has the discretion to give a reasonable amount of extra time, when available.


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