YMCA Voucher Refund

If you already taken your CPR, First Aid, or Preventive Health Practices course and have since received the YMCA Training Grant vouchers, please follow the instructions below to receive your corresponding refund.

Please follow the instructions carefully so that there is no delay in receiving your refund.

  • Print this YMCA Sign In Sheet
  • Fill out YOUR information ONLY (one space per person – not per voucher).
  • Do not fill out the top section regarding class information.
  • Add the voucher number(s) found in the upper right corner of each voucher.
  • Be sure to include the EMSA sticker numbers from your certificate(s).
    • Your CPR card has a red sticker. Your First Aid card has a green sticker. Your Preventive Practices certificate has a purple sticker.
  • Return the completed form with your unexpired vouchers to:

AmeriMed CPR Training
7435 University Ave., #104
La Mesa CA  91942

Your refund will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt of your vouchers.

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