Special Accommodations

All requests for reasonable accommodations must be submitted and approved in advance.

In order to successfully pass a CPR course, you will be required to practice and demonstrate CPR skills on both an adult manikin and an infant manikin several times. This will require physical effort. If at any time you are unable to practice or perform CPR skills due to physical discomfort or limitations, you must let your instructor know immediately. We will stop your practice.

CPR and First Aid course completion certificates are issued based on students successfully passing both a written exam and a skills assessment.

First Aid training involves scenario-based practice and discussion, and graphic images.

All students will be required to review and sign a liability waiver in class.

Preventive Health Practices course completion certificates are issued based student participation and successfully passing a written exam.

Reasonable accommodations may include:

  • Using a chair or table to practice CPR skills.
  • Having help reading your written exam.
  • Bringing an interpreter (click here for our interpreter policies).
  • Using your own manikin for practice.

Any accommodations that inhibit the instructors’ ability to present the course to the other students and/or reduce the quality of the course for the other students are considered unreasonable accommodations. Unreasonable accommodations will be not made, and the student may be asked to leave, or may only receive a course participation card, not a successful course completion card,  for that subject.

Any student that arrives needing special accommodations who has not requested accommodations in advance does so at their own risk. If we feel there would be too much disruption in the class, or we are concerned for your, or the other students’ health & safety, you may be asked to leave. If you are permitted to stay, you may only receive the course participation card. A course participation card is NOT a certificate of successful completion.

Amerimed CPR Training