Class Prices

EMSA Approved CPR-AED, First Aid, and Preventive Health Practices Courses
For Childcare Providers, Preschool staff, and School Bus Drivers

CPR-AED only (adult, child, infant): $45.00
First Aid only (adult, pediatric): $40.00 ($45 beginning August)
CPR-AED | First Aid combo (adult, child, infant): $65.00 ($70 beginning August)
Preventative Health Practices with Nutrition: $65.00 ($70 beginning August)
EMSA Approved 16-hour Course for childcare licensing (CPR, First Aid, Preventive Practices): $130.00 ($140 beginning August)

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OSHA Compliant CPR-AED and First Aid Courses 
For general work safety training compliance for most employment

CPR-AED only (adult, child, infant): $45.00
First Aid only (adult, pediatric): $40.00($45 beginning August)
CPR-AED | First Aid combo (adult, child, infant): $65.00 ($70 beginning August)

Wilderness First Aid
American Camp Association Accredited
A 2-day, fully interactive course covering outdoor medical emergency response.
This course fulfills the Boy Scouts training requirement. (Boy Scouts are required to complete a CPR-AED course prior to attending this class.)

Wilderness First Aid: $175.00
(compared to $275.00 at R.E.I.)

American Heart Association® HeartsaverCPR-AED and First Aid Courses
As specified by some employers

Heartsaver CPR-AED only: $60.00 
Heartsaver First Aid only: $60.00
Heartsaver CPR-AED | First Aid combo: $85.00

American Heart Association® BLS for Providers Courses
As required for most healthcare and dental care employment, certification and training

BLS for Providers classroom course: $65.00 
BLS for Providers renewal classroom course: $60.00 
BLS for Providers Skills Assessment$50.00 

American Heart Association® BLS Instructor course
For those who want to TEACH CPR!

BLS Instructor Essentials Hands-on classroom course: $250.00
BLS Instructor Monitoring fees are separate

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